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Sight Picture — New Shooter Introduction

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Found a good illustration of proper sight picture…Thought we would post and share

Sight Picture

Firearm Basics (from TEEX) — New Shooter Introduction

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How do you effectively and efficiently address all the questions about firearms to a new shooter who might have never previously fired a handgun? Simple, I send them to watch a series of videos from our friends over at TEEX (Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service). These are the folks located on the Texas A&M University campus in College Station, Texas.

TEEX has requested “video embed” disability from Youtube. So you’ll have to click the link and head over to view.

Commando in Mali

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One Dutch commando. His perspective. His story. His mission.

In 2014, a UN peacekeeping mission was launched in Mali, Africa to, “support political processes in that country and carry out a number of security-related tasks.”
These duties included, “ensuring security, stabilization and protection of civilians; supporting national political dialogue and reconciliation; and assisting the reestablishment of State authority, the rebuilding of the security sector, and the promotion and protection of human rights in that country. (from

This is a great video series in High Definition

Trigger Control — New Shooter Introduction

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Well, looks like Texas open carry passage is eminent. Lots of folks have been calling to learn more about the sport.

We’re starting this post to curate some of the better instructional techniques for the new shooter.

This is our first by way of the Load Out Room.

F/A-18 Super Hornet

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The Hornet makes me …..!


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Learn more here


Epic #FAIL

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This really speaks for itself

US Coast Guard

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JJ Watt — Lighting up the house…!!!

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As many of you know JJ Watt was a big supporter of the Danny Dietz Memorial event during the last several years. This past Saturday he was mic’d up for the game when the Houston Texans played the Tennessee Titans.

You can hear the crowd start chanting MVP throughout the clip. Enjoy. Thank you JJ.