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RAF — Amazing low level flight footage

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This is crazy

Awesome Call of Duty Promo Video

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For all you gamers out there…

This is a great promo for the latest release of Call of Duty…

Easy Day – Chris Costa

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Chris Costa, formerly of Mappul Dynamics, just wrapped a promo video highlighting some really tricked out gear.

Take a look and enjoy – remember it’s entertainment, not a “how to” for LE…

Easy Day – BTS

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Some of our friends from the Reduser community where involved in producing Chris Costa’s latest video. Here is a great behind-the-scenes video of the making of “Easy Day”.

Guns and Gear (Red) — can’t beat a day like this at the office.

Gun company displays largest-caliber rifle ever created with bullets that cost $40 a piece

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Wow…check out this recoil.

Gun company displays largest-caliber rifle ever created with bullets that cost $40 a piece

Explosive Art

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Deborah Bay was in a store that sells building materials in her hometown of Houston, Texas, when she saw a display of bulletproof plexiglass. A few different types of ammunition were lodged in the hard plastic to demonstrate the strength of the product.

Fall Fashion

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stealth-wear-buraq1-270x404Fall Fashions

“It’s what I call anti-drone,” explains designer Adam Harvey. “That’s the sentiment. The material in the anti-drone clothing is made of silver, which is reflective to heat and makes the wearer invisible to thermal imaging.”

The “anti-drone hoodie” was the central attraction of Harvey’s Stealth Wear exhibition, which opened in central London in January, billed as a showcase for “counter-surveillance fashions”. It is a field Harvey has been pioneering for three years now, making headlines in the tech community along the way.

Korean Top Gear Filming

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You’ve seen it before….Military aircraft is pitted against some superfast production automobile…Here’s a link to a recent mishap that occurred during the filming of the Korean edition of Tog Gear.

Buckle Up Kids

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This short video is provided to us, compliments of

For those of you who want to know what really happened!

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new tank

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and his M47 Patton tank (Photo: Matt McDaniel)


That’s right! Matt McDaniel over at Yahoo! Movies was one of the lucky journalist who was fortunate enough to see Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new tank in person.

Matt reports that:

The tank in question in an M47 Patton. Produced between 1951 and 1953, the 50-ton behemoths are still in service across the globe 60 years later. And Schwarzenegger told me and an assembled group of around 15 journalists on Friday that this was “exactly the very tank that I drove in the Austrian Army when I was 18 years old.”

We would totally be interested to find out more about the restoration.  Hard to believe these are still in action.


The 28′ long, 11′ tall M47 tank (Photo: Matt McDaniel)

Below is some awesome video Matt captured with Arnold was giving a “demo” on the tanks crushing abilities!